Curriculum Statement

At the Oaks Federation, we have designed a curriculum based on core principles, which aims to:

• Promote and embed our distinctly Christian vision values

Create lifelong memories

Make use of the school environment – both within the grounds and the surrounding local area.

Provide a stimulus for building imagination

Develop an understanding that our actions have an effect on the world and each other.

Promote positive learning behaviours

Promote basic skills

Is progressive

Present a safe challenge in a secure environment.

Make links between learning through a thematic approach.

Is age appropriate

Key objectives in the Early Years are taken from the Early Years Framework and within years one and two, key objectives are taken from the National Curriculum 2014. Our curriculum is designed to support children in mastering concepts, rather than accelerating through new content. We aim for children to learn new skills and knowledge, solve problems, investigate and explore, be independent and learn to work with others. We want our pupils to be confident and proud of what they achieve. Our curriculum is designed to be age appropriate, to interest children of infant age and to promote the wonder of childhood, our curriculum is constantly reviewed in order to excite and engage at an appropriate level for all.

Most of our curriculum is taught through themes, which provide a hook for children to engage with and support children in making connections between what they are learning. Although we teach thematically, there are some subjects which are taught discretely, including Maths, P.E, Music and Personal Safety. We promote the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics throughout all of our curriculum, to promote the application these skills in different contexts. Our curriculum also focuses greatly on personal and social development and is underpinned by our core values of love, respect and compassion in order for us all to understand each other better.