Learning Values

We pride ourselves, in our drive for every child to reach their potential and achieve their best. We encourage our children to take ownership of their learning journey and to understand what factors help us to achieve success! We do this by promoting five key values and asking the question, ‘today can you…..’


Great ideas come from great imagination and experiences. We aim to promote and celebrate when children use their imagination to be creative and develop their ideas in learning.

Push yourself

We don’t want our pupils to be satisfied with ‘finishing’ a task, we want them to challenge and push themselves, to do more and take pride when they have achieved more than they were asked.

Understand others

Part of life is the ability to understand others, to know how to help, when to seek help, when to let others do things for themselves and when collaboration can develop our thinking and ideas to boost learning.

Don’t give up

We want our children to understand that there are times when things can be hard and difficult, and that we don’t always succeed the first time round. Through trying again and not giving up, we build resilience, a desire to succeed, learn from our experiences and continue to progress.


No opportunity should be a loss of learning, whether its exploring the bugs in the bushes, the colours of paint we mix or a different genres of story. The more we explore, the more we experience, the more connections we make and the more we can learn.