Volunteers & Helpers

We are really keen to have helpers and volunteers in school, as they can make a huge difference to the learning of our pupils. At school, we are committed to safeguarding and we ask for all adults working with our children to understand their responsibilities for safeguarding all children. Therefore we would ask for all those considering volunteering to read through some key policies and also to undertake some online learning, to ensure that you are fully equipped to support us in keeping every child safe.

You will also need to to obtain a valid DBS – as a volunteer this is free and our office staff can help you to get the application process started. Once you have been able to read through the key policies, we would ask you to sign in acknowledgment of reading. Like with our staff, we ask that all volunteers re-read these key polices each year to ensure that everyone fully understands their commitment to safeguarding and conduct in school. If you’re thinking of volunteering in school you need to attend a helpers and volunteer meeting, where a member of the leadership team will provide a brief induction into working in school. Click here for a short information video.

To access online safeguarding training please click here.

Keeping children safe in Education

Safeguarding Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Child Protection Policy

Behaviour Policy

Code of Conduct

Acknowledgment of reading policies – form to be downloaded and signed.

Childcare disqualification Form – form to be downloaded and signed.