Our Church

We are very fortunate that Saint Mary’s Church is located just a few minutes’ walk from the school. As a school we have strong links with the church, with Rev John Reeve regularly leading family worship for our families and also regularly leading worship within the school.

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Introducing Rev’d John…

Rev’d John is the church minister for both St. Matthew’s Netley Marsh and St. Mary’s Copythorne. This means he is responsible together with the respective church communities for the spiritual care and encouragement in both school contexts. Rev’d John worked as a teacher in South London (in the primary sector) for several years before he entered the church. John is well known and respected in the local community.

Rev’d John can be seen helping in the classrooms with the children and staff, ensuring the children know him and make positive, trusting connections.

Rev’d John regularly leads worship in both the schools – introducing the children to a very open and generous practice of faith – based largely in the importance of giving praise, gratitude and living ‘in the moment’. This includes both worship in the school and in the Family Church Worship held in the church buildings.  Rev’d John regularly supports the school staff in the Christian provision in each of the schools – ensuring it is vibrant and at the appropriate level and maintains each child’s own autonomy and value. As part of this Rev’d John regularly uses the Godly Play resource with the children in classes – a resource which encourages the children to ask open questions and respond with provisional, open responses. This is a great aid to learning as it stretches the children in their capacity to see into the gaps and hypothesise new possibilities. 

Rev’d John  also is an ex-oficio member of the Governing Body and so is an integral part of the management and oversight of the Federation schools – with particular responsibility for the Ethos Committee (which John chairs).

Rev’d John is always available for parents and family members if at any time support and guidance or just a listening ear is required. You can access John’s teaching videos on his youtube channel – ‘rev’d john rev’d john