If you’re a parent of a St Michael’s pupil then congratulations, you’re already a member of the school’s PTA!

We’re happy to have you on board and we hope you’ll enjoying getting involved in any way you can.

Of course, as parents, none of us have hours and hours of free time, so your involvement with our PTA is flexible, and encouraged whether large or small. It might be that you’re a whizz with a spatula and can provide some delicious treats for one of our bake sales, or maybe you’re a thinker, a brainstormer, and can suggest some new fundraising activities for the children and their families, or you might like to help out inside the school with our Christmas events or school trips. Whatever you can bring to the table, we’ll be happy to receive it.

For those that can’t get involved in the planning and implementing of events, you are always supporting us with every event you attend, cake you buy from our bake sale or raffle items you donate or tickets you buy. We really appreciate every bit of help.

And why all this fundraising? What’s it for? We hear you ask. Already the monies raised by the PTA have helped fund the new outdoor play equipment for the children. We are currently on track to build an outdoor library for the enjoyment of children and their parents alike. And there are even more exciting plans in the making. Please see a copy of the plans by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

We’re never adverse to a spontaneous donation (who would be?) So if you’d like to add to the funds we’re raising, please use the following account details to transfer whatever money you can:
Bank: Lyndhurst Infant School PTA
Acct no: 01762939
Sort code: 30-95-32

We know that PTA’s can get a bad rep and we want to change that. We’re not here to harass you for your loose change. Instead, we like creating fun activities for families to enjoy and make a bit of money while we’re doing it. Our newly established Annual Scarecrow Trail is a good example. The event (designed by one of our resident ‘brainstormers’) saw the school and local community work together to create a weekend so fun it drew in visitors from all around. We’re always on the lookout for the most fun way to fundraise so any ideas you have, please being them our way.

During term time we hold a PTA meeting on the first Friday of every month. We’re holding these in St Michael and all Angels church at 9am. We’d love to see you there.

The Landscape Project
We are so lucky to have such large grounds! The PTA are working on transforming our outdoors space and are currently working with the Hampshire School’s Landscaping Project. We have have just received our draft copy of the report, following our first planning meeting and are very excited to share it with our community!