School Meals

Excellent well-balanced meals are provided by HC3S from their kitchen at Bartley Junior School. These are transported to our school daily. The children are able to have a choice of two freshly prepared meals every day. We send home a menu so you can help your child choose what they would like. If you would like your child to have a school meal they need to order it in school by 9.30am each day.  Meals are free for all infant school children.

If your family is receiving Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Child Tax credit the school may be entitled to additional funding called Pupil Premium, which is used to help raise your child’s attainment. Click here to see if you are entitled to Pupil Premium.

Children are also able to bring a packed lunch. Our school has ‘Healthy School’ status and we try to encourage healthy eating. We have a whole school food policy, which gives suggestions about what to include in a lunch box. This is available from the school office.

From April to October 2021 we will be offering this menu

On occasions where we are unable to offer hot meals during the Covid Pandemic, a cold picnic menu will be available.

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