Emotional Literacy Support Assistant  

An ELSA is a member of staff who is trained to support children in the development of their emotional literacy.

 What is emotional literacy?

  • understanding and coping with the feelings of ourselves and others
  • developing high self-esteem and positive interactions with others
  • being emotionally literate helps children to focus better on their learning

Some of the areas the ELSA may work on:

  • recognising emotions
  • self-esteem
  • social skills
  • friendship skills
  • anger management
  • loss and bereavement

Elsa is a regular slot during the school week for 20-30 minutes, each session can be individual or in small groups and tailored to the child’s individual needs. Sessions are fun and might include role-play, puppets, board games, art and craft and stories, they also include time to talk.  A pupil’s progress will be reviewed on a half-termly basis.

As a parent/carer how can you help?

By informing the class teacher if there are any issues that may be affecting you child.

Please feel welcome to contact your class teacher or the ELSA if you have any questions.

Our ELSAs are:


  • Sandie Abbott
  •  Lena White

Netley Marsh:

  • Rosie Gannaway
  • Sarah Godfroy

St Michael and All Angels:

  • Lynne Glover