Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage section of our website. You will find below some information that will be of use to you.

We have included an example of our induction pack for parents. This contains general information about the schools, but you should refer to your school specific copy for dates and times.

Example Federation Induction Pack

Information for parents- What to expect when?

The Early Year Foundation Stage

Is my child assessed when they start school?

Yes, teachers and staff at school make assessments of your child as they play during their first few weeks at school. This is done sensitively and only when they are genuinely settled at school. Your child’s social and emotional development remains our priority especially whilst settling at any school in our federation.

We use the “Early Excellence Baseline” (EExBA) as it offers a principled approach to on-entry assessment. It does not include any predetermined tasks or tests and will not disrupt settling in routines. Instead, as part of everyday experiences we build our knowledge of each child through observations, interactions and every day activities. We use this knowledge to make a series of judgements about each child based on a clear set of assessment criteria. Alongside these observations we draw on assessments made in your child’s previous setting and continue to be interested in any comments you make as families about your child’s development. For further information talk to your child’s class teacher or ask about it at the first parents’ meeting in the second half of the Autumn term.

More information about assessment across the federation in the EYFS is found on this attachment.

EYFS assessment requirements